Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi

Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi

Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi

Mehndi is the center of attraction for any wedding. And one of the most difficult questions is to decide the theme for it. Are you struggling with the same question? Then worry no more! Because we have got many solutions for you. Here are some creative and fun ideas that you can use to choose your mehndi. So we have many ideas about Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi That will make your guests say, “wah! Mehndi ho tou aesi”

If you don’t want your mehndi to look like everyone else’s, you’re reading just the right article! After speaking to some of the top event decor artists, we bring you some fun, vibrant, colorful Mehendi decor ideas that are trending this season! With EventsChi.

Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi

Outdoor mehndi is spacious,

So if you are planning to go very big on your mehndi, it might just be a suitable place for you to accommodate all your guests. Or if you want to go to a lavish pool party with all the DJ and music, the farmhouse is the choice for you!

Not only will it cut the cost of booking an expensive hotel, but it also provides a great view. Since the farmhouse is greener it evokes a great sense of freshness and also provides great contrast for pictures. The pool area if decorating properly with lights will create a very beautiful atmosphere as the sun goes down.

If you have a small family and lots of friends then a farmhouse mehndi will be epic. You can easily do flooring with cushions and a soft cloth, vivid colors even in dresses, the grass provides you readymade dance floor. The use of gainsaying ka Phool and other flowers, hanging lanterns and saffron cloth rolls for decoration is all for the ambiance.

Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi At Your Doorstep

Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi

This is an idea where desi meet funky Mehndi at your doorstep. You can use backdrops of the trendy street art of rickshaws, funny Urdu quotes, trucks, poetries, etc. bright lighting and use of candles and colorful flowers for decoration will be appropriate. Colorful dresses, don’t necessarily have to be very heavy or full of sequence work. And you can wear heavy jewelry with a plain maxi dress. Or if you want to keep it more towards the traditional side so you can make it creative by wearing flip-flops on a dress or carrying carnival props: like furs, hats. Different carries like a or scooter or rickshaw or soo on can be used to carry the couple

Thematic Mehndi Decor Ideas

Mehandi Organizer, Dholki Planner, Bridal Shower, Colorful Themes, Stage Decor, Entry Setup, Dance Floor, Dancers, Singers, Comedian, Live Stalls, Live Cooking, Catering, and much much more….. with EventsChi

YES! So you heard it right. You can have a mind-blowing mehndi at the beach theme. Because especially for the people living in cities with beaches, like Karachi. This is a big plus! In Pakistan for example we have many ideas or themes, where you can arrange a wonderful daytime mehndi setup for your family and friends. Having said that, But how?!” don’t worry! We got you covered. There are a lot of fun things you can do on the theme you selected and this is a great many themes for having mesmerizing pictures. We can do all the arrangements a day before or leave for it early morning and set up the ambiance. Giving them the time of a lifetime.

If you want to hire a professional to do it then contact us!


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