Portfolio Photography Karachi

Portfolio Photography Karachi

Portfolio Photography Karachi

“Make your first impression count! With the beauty & valuable Portfolio Photography Karachi”

It allows you to show off your best work to social media and helps others see your skills and value as a model.

Even the most successful people in the industry keep their portfolios updated with their most recent work,

So, it makes sense to consider it as part of your work. with EventsChi.

We are fully professional’s to make your portfolio photoshoot with EventsChi photography services that take care of the entire creative process from start to finish.

Portfolio Photography Karachi

Our bespoke,

professional Portfolio Photography Karachi services ensure you wind up with an image that wins, one that perfectly enhances your personality, style, and brand.

Like it or not, people make snap judgments, and the public’s perception of your digital “avatar” is critical in today’s online world.

Make sure to book with a professional studio that can convey the right message and make you stand out, yet look approachable.

So EventsChi can perform all possible things to convey the realistic and bomb portfolio.

PhotoShoot of Portfolio Karachi

At our EventsChi photography studios, we’ll help you define your brand, by using our extensive experience in commercials and creative photography to ensure you put your best face forward.

We’ll expertly tailor your professional photoshoot pictures to appeal to your target market,

ensuring you have one of the key tools needed to boost your earning capacity.

Portfolio Photography KarachiPortfolio Photography Karachi

Anybody can create a photo portfolio,

But, EventsChi will make an impact. And we have a few pro tips to ensure that your portfolio will be professional and worth looking at.

So, If you don’t have a portfolio yet and wish to create one that you can be proud of,

you can contact us below.

Design and Specialize Your Portfolio PhotoShoot

Before choosing all your images, We planned how you want your portfolio to look like. Will you be featuring one image per page or a collage per page?

We will be arranged the photos in a certain way? Inside from that, you’ll want to also specialize in your portfolio to your own way to a particular market.

Create separate portfolios for weddings, events, company commercials, newborns and birthday portraits, and other unique subcategories. This will help you start in certain areas of photography.

In other words, we work with individuals and businesses, ensuring all your goals are met. We specialize in creating images that sell products and branding for businesses to individuals.

EventsChi produce High-Quality Prints,

Above all, One of the secrets to creating a visually appealing portfolio is to make sure that you produce the highest quality prints possible.

The first thing you need to remember is that your image files should have very high resolutions, as pixels matter when printing.

If you’re having them printed by someone else, go to a trusted photo printing shop that is known for producing accurate and high-quality colored prints.

And if you’re printing it yourself, you’ll need a reliable, professional photo printer. So feel free with us, we are providing our best.

So Contact Us at 03326678622 to Make Your portfolio valuable With EventsChi

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Catering Service Karachi

Catering Service Karachi

Catering Service Karachi

“Looking for private & valuable catering in Karachi? Eventschi can help to Catering Service Karachi”.

Whatever the event, whether it’s your birthday or your engagement party, Catering Service Karachi. it’s a big deal and you want to make sure that the catering is perfect. After all, you don’t want any of your guests leaving the party with a bad taste in their mouths.

Here at EventsChi, we have years of experience in catering and our kitchen ideas team is well and ready to get creative and prepare an innovative, bespoke menu to suit your celebration and satisfy your vision.

Catering Service Karachi

Our delicious catering is sure to spark conversation and get people coming back for seconds and thirds. If you’re looking for outstanding & valuable cuisine and delectable yummy bites, then yes you come to the right place.

Why choose EventsChi for Catering Service Karachi?

Our catering service takes everything into account. All the factors that you consider when planning your party including; budget, number of guests, location, venue, and event goal.

We provide efficient staff who arrive with a smile and a great attitude that is far better than others.

When you choose EventsChi Catering you can expect:

Creative, innovative, fresh, and seasonal menus – We have a wide range of food presentations and we pride ourselves on our seasonal catering menus that are made fresh with the shortest time from source to plate.

Catering Service Karachi

Passion, and generosity – we love food just as much as the next person, and our passion for cooking and cuisine certainly comes across in our menus. Food brings us joy and we want it to do the same for you, so our portions are generous, and our food is flavorsome.

Simple, modest, no-nonsense delivery and service – our food is beautifully presented but we don’t go over the top. Sometimes less is more and we believe it’s all about the taste.

Flexible and good catering – we love to get creative here at EventsChi and we’re always on the lookout for new, exciting ideas and concepts. We’re continuously adapting and shaping our menus to keep up with what’s current and to bring to life our client’s vision.

EventsChi Catering Services with watering services also we provide.

So, therefore we also provide you with watering services or soft drinks, fresh juices, cocktails, and many more.

When it comes to choosing catering for your event you won’t be short of ideas. Whether you want tasty foods to keep your guests going throughout the night or you want to wow your guests with a bespoke dining experience, we can tailor any one of our private catering services to you.

Catering Service Karachi

It’s not only the food you need to think about, but we also have a fantastic selection of sweet dishes, that can add that little bit extra to your event.

Here’s a full list of all the catering event services we provide:
– Private Event Catering
– Corporate Event Catering
– Contract Event Catering
– Wedding Event Catering
– Birthday Party Catering
– Picnic Party Catering
– Convocation Event Catering
– Companies Seminars Catering
– Exquisite Vegan Catering
– Lunch Boxes Catering
– Drinks list
– Flowers
– Marquees
– Musicians
– Venues

And many of the things we can arrange for you.

So, If your taste buds are tingling and you want to find out more about our services, it’s about time you got in contact.

So Contact Us at 03326678622 to Make Your Events Memorable With EventsChi

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Customize Theme Decoration Karachi

Customize Theme Decoration Karachi

Customize Theme Decoration Karachi

We are serving to specialize with custom event decor and a Wide Range of Party Items concerts, including Birthday decorations, Anniversary decorations, Bridal shower supplies, Aqiqah, Mehndi, Dholki, and Wedding Decorations, and much more items in KARACHI. With EventsChi customize theme decoration Karachi.

To provide you the best quality products with the best quality customer services.

Customize Theme Decoration Karachi.Customize Theme Decoration Karachi.

At EventsChi, Theme party supplies for kids, adults, and our elders will be the perfect addition to your thematic birthday party!

We are offering a vast and versatile selection of party theme supplies,

but we also have a many fun selection of theme party favors,

thematic party games and so much more! We can serve you in Karachi.

If you want to manage a truly memorable event for your loved ones? Check out our awesome ideas and because we are providing you with our new decor planning and arrangement guides!

Our affordable party decor and ideas are not the only thing that sets thematic birthday planner above the rest.

If you want to throw a party that’s memorable and unique get up close and personal with your new ideas,

So by dressing up your party space with our personalized theme and unique likely Customize Theme  Decoration Karachi.

How We Perform Customize Theme Decoration Karachi

From conferences to a concert and, like baby showers, and weddings,

We have so many ideas to select your perfect thematic event and to show you, how it’s done…


Many event planners can find that a theme can help add structure to the décoration and activities as well as tie it all neatly together.

They can be a great way for your attendees to get involved and attract it can be a fun participatory activity in itself,

Because we are creating with good photo opportunities from our well-known photographers and videographers for your lovely relatives

Themes can also create a buzz, because when that moment is the bomb for you because the majority guest is discussing your cool ideas and theme.

What they are going to go as, but what their friends are trying and whether they can do joint costumes which can be great corporate team building for us.

Get our service today at your doorstep

Planning and decorating small events can be stressful, hassle, and time-consuming. EventsChi’s Decorations are here to save your party day! at your doorstep

The elements in our theme are carefully selected and coordinated so you don’t have to worry about how they look or they match.Customize Theme Decor event Karachi.

After picking a theme, you don’t worry about that, we let you select which elements work best for your event. For example, like forks or spoons, cake toppers, or cupcake flags…you get to have fun picking, We perform customize theme decoration in Karachi, and we’ll take the headache out of making sure it all fits together!

With a focus on quality and personalization,

So you can plan and decide your event decorations in simple steps. You arrange your event with the help of EventsChi – none of any hassle.

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Birthday Party Decoration

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas Karachi

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas Karachi

A birthday is the anniversary of the ‘birth’ of a person or the day of a celebration. Birthdays of people are celebrated in tremendous cultures, often with, Birthday gifts, Birthday cards, a Birthday party, or Birthday surprises. So Birthday Party Decoration Ideas Karachi provides you peoples to celebrate it in a very impressive way.

Party Decorations KARACHI: EventsChi Supplies is a Pakistan leading online web form where you will find everything you need to decorate any celebration with charm, easily, quickly, and at the best price.

Birthday Party Decorations Idea

We have exclusive party supplies KARACHI for the decorations for children’s parties, birthday parties, weddings, or baby shower celebration.

So our extensive catalog has a thousand products ranging from disposable tableware of the highest quality to the party decoration trend with party balloons, disco ball, birthday cakes, and paper decor, and many more things which can be detailed to give a personal and original touch to your party or event.

How We Perform Birthday Party Decoration Ideas Karachi

So say ‘good-bye’ to your tension and say ‘hello’ to us EventsChi

We can arrange crafty and unique decorations because we’ve got ideas for just about any birthday party!Birthday Party Decorations Idea

Whether you’re thinking about it for your daughter or your son, spouse, you’ll have a slew of fabulous ideas! And the best work?

Most of these ideas are super quick and/or super cheap! YES! Get ready for some big bash birthday party planning that’s sure to impress with minimal effort with a wonderful party!

Let’s take the classic or fancy birthday decorations up a HUGE notch with these fun and fancy DIY balloon ideas, So you can hire us!

A wonderful decor is not only making a celebration look even more amazing, but also signifies that spirit of the day if done with a little touch of innovation.

And if doesn’t a birthday party call for a theme and decor that goes just well with the mood and whims of the birthday boy or girl?

Here are many Birthday  Decoration Party Ideas You Need For A Truly good Memorable Celebrations!

Thematic Birthday Party Decoration in Karachi

Choosing a theme can be the jumping-off point for a great birthday party,

So with your child to see what sounds like fun.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on a birthday party theme, check out our clever tips, that would like your child, creative ideas, and practical advice to make your party a blast.Birthday Party Decorations

So you can’t panic we can drive fabulous ideas for you.

From tips on how to turn classic theme parties—like James Bond or Music Nights—into truly memorable displays to some seriously creative theme ideas—like a ‘Come as your favorite characters’ theme—you’re sure to find the most epic theme for your next party.

We can be guaranteed to make any bash the talk of the town.

Some of these party themes are very worth it, so let your creativity shine with these.

There’s no wrong way to interpret a unique party theme—as long as you have some fun with it. So contact us,

get out your favorite notebook and start preparing to throw the most incredible party you’ve ever thrown in the city…

Soo you can feel free to contact us for any kind of ideas like photography, catering, the management and soo on we can arrange all kinds of things, We can serve you what you want, Thankyou…


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Dholki Night Setup & Ideas Karachi

Dholki Night Setup & Ideas KARACHI

Dholki Night Setup & Ideas Karachi

Dholki Night Setup & Ideas Karachi and, Mayun’s and, Mehndi designs and themes are growing with tremendous & amazing concepts or thinking nowadays. EventsChi presents another fantastic approach to make enchanted mayun stage dance floor roof decoration ideas in Pakistan. Each wedding designer tries to reach a new era concerning the stage and the whole theme of your event. Dholki Night Setup & Ideas Karachi

As everyone knows the dance floor is the most important element in our Pakistani weddings mehndi events planning. That’s why we care about the true impact of your event with all possible decorations and lights effects that must be over there.

Roof & Dance Floor For Dholki Night setup & Ideas Karachi

Starting from the decor that makes from the original marry gold drapes that are the most common and traditional element for mayun, mehndi, dholak events in Pakistan and around the world. Because of its yellow feel that shows the original tradition of the culture of weddings in Pakistan Marry-gold can be utilized with other fine flowers like, Lily, Hydrangea, Yellow, white, orange, and red Roses.

A dance floor that is the focal point for our mehndi events in Pakistan. We utilize this object as our wedding traditions, dance performances, dholki performance, and the bride and groom’s entry in this place. The dance floor can be different styles like wooden polished dance floor roof decoration, colored dance floor, patterned dance floor. You can see an example that how to utilize the dance floor in our earlier weddings in Pakistan.

There are various ideas about dance floor roof decoration designed by top wedding designers in Pakistan. They work with floral drapes, hanging crystals, hanging light balls, paper balls, chandeliers, flower chandeliers, blossoms, fairy lights, and tulle fabric, and much more.

Dholki Night Stage, Entrance, and Flower Decor Arrangement

The venue is one of the most significant variables. So rather than book a place like a 5-star hotel is certainly appealing, but is it wise to fit away your budget? You can always look around for large outdoor places that can be decorated with creativity and innovation. This will cost you a lot less and provide your fairy dholki with a nice background. So hire us for detailing your event.

Dholki Night Setup & Ideas Karachi 01Dholki Night Setup & Ideas Karachi 02

When you start planning Mehndi or Dholki, lots of work and arrangement ideas come into your mind. Such as entrance, Sangeet night, floor the same as dressing, flower, decoration, etc. So another important day where brides and groom were enjoyed a lot.

There is various stage design concept running in Pakistan, but EventsChi always gives you a step ahead. Romantic and new variation backdrop styles, Copper iron-framed stages, Mirror backdrop, Crystals with hanging candles, etc. We provide you stunning stage design décor & event theming for the sophisticated bride & groom in Pakistan. We always try to ensure your event decoration is unique, fabulous, and according to your mood…

let’s visit our website or office to get perfect ideas about your next wedding planning in Pakistan. Starting from an affordable to an upscale wedding with the Royal decor. Our creative adviser helps you in arranging complete weddings at one stop.

All these design ideas make your event more perfect and memorable. To find the adorable outdoor event for a dance floor and stag decorations in Pakistan.

Still, need more consultancy about mehndi decor for over dance floor and so on? dance floor roof decoration and much more? SO Contact Us Today!


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Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi

Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi

Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi

Mehndi is the center of attraction for any wedding. And one of the most difficult questions is to decide the theme for it. Are you struggling with the same question? Then worry no more! Because we have got many solutions for you. Here are some creative and fun ideas that you can use to choose your mehndi. So we have many ideas about Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi That will make your guests say, “wah! Mehndi ho tou aesi”

If you don’t want your mehndi to look like everyone else’s, you’re reading just the right article! After speaking to some of the top event decor artists, we bring you some fun, vibrant, colorful Mehendi decor ideas that are trending this season! With EventsChi.

Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi

Outdoor mehndi is spacious,

So if you are planning to go very big on your mehndi, it might just be a suitable place for you to accommodate all your guests. Or if you want to go to a lavish pool party with all the DJ and music, the farmhouse is the choice for you!

Not only will it cut the cost of booking an expensive hotel, but it also provides a great view. Since the farmhouse is greener it evokes a great sense of freshness and also provides great contrast for pictures. The pool area if decorating properly with lights will create a very beautiful atmosphere as the sun goes down.

If you have a small family and lots of friends then a farmhouse mehndi will be epic. You can easily do flooring with cushions and a soft cloth, vivid colors even in dresses, the grass provides you readymade dance floor. The use of gainsaying ka Phool and other flowers, hanging lanterns and saffron cloth rolls for decoration is all for the ambiance.

Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi At Your Doorstep

Mehndi Function Decoration Ideas Karachi

This is an idea where desi meet funky Mehndi at your doorstep. You can use backdrops of the trendy street art of rickshaws, funny Urdu quotes, trucks, poetries, etc. bright lighting and use of candles and colorful flowers for decoration will be appropriate. Colorful dresses, don’t necessarily have to be very heavy or full of sequence work. And you can wear heavy jewelry with a plain maxi dress. Or if you want to keep it more towards the traditional side so you can make it creative by wearing flip-flops on a dress or carrying carnival props: like furs, hats. Different carries like a or scooter or rickshaw or soo on can be used to carry the couple

Thematic Mehndi Decor Ideas

Mehandi Organizer, Dholki Planner, Bridal Shower, Colorful Themes, Stage Decor, Entry Setup, Dance Floor, Dancers, Singers, Comedian, Live Stalls, Live Cooking, Catering, and much much more….. with EventsChi

YES! So you heard it right. You can have a mind-blowing mehndi at the beach theme. Because especially for the people living in cities with beaches, like Karachi. This is a big plus! In Pakistan for example we have many ideas or themes, where you can arrange a wonderful daytime mehndi setup for your family and friends. Having said that, But how?!” don’t worry! We got you covered. There are a lot of fun things you can do on the theme you selected and this is a great many themes for having mesmerizing pictures. We can do all the arrangements a day before or leave for it early morning and set up the ambiance. Giving them the time of a lifetime.

If you want to hire a professional to do it then contact us!


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Birthday Party Planners Karachi

Birthday Party Planners Karachi

Birthday Party Planners Karachi

Birthday Party Planners Karachi: Birthday parties can be the perfect event to bond together with the entire family and spend some quality time together.

Because at this time it is very hard to spend quality time with them.

So, Children’s can go on for a fun unlimited experience and, adults can enjoy some quality family time while participating in fun activities and bringing out the hidden child in them,

So, We do our best for your Birthday Party Planners in Karachi.

Our renowned birthday party planning team are experts in creating truly well birthday celebrations that will stay in your memory for a lifetime, EventsChi will ensure your occasion is truly memorable and joyful.

Every little detail is meticulously designed, planned, and delivered to create truly unique birthday celebrations!

If you are considering a birthday party for your: 14th, 18th, 21st, 25th, 40th, 50th, 60th and 80th birthday – and you want to transform a venue, marquee, house, our great designers will create a spectacular production to take your breath away.

Because of our attention to detail your setup us apart from the rest.

we’ll make sure your birthday party will be the best and joyful one you have been, and stay with you for the rest of your life! Call us today,

find out what we can do to make your birthday party truly and greatly special.

Surprise Birthday Party Planners Karachi

If you are thinking of organizing a surprise birthday party, you can talk to us in confidence, being discreet is one of our major forte’s!

We work with large high profile celebrities or corporate clients, that need discretion. Celebrate in the best way possible… with EventsChi view our birthday party case study for more ideas.

After that our experienced designers and planners take care of every detail for your event, delicious catering, fresh cocktails, entertainment that blows you away. But,

our expert team regularly works with the best venues, caterers, and suppliers in the industry of management, and we know how to pull together a stunning occasion to suit your taste.


Whatever entertainment you’d like for your party, from A-class celebrity performances to mix and mingle acts,

So, we’ll source it for you.

Similarly, we can suggest the perfect entertainment ideas for your birthday party,

from DJs to bands, musicians through to stilt walkers.

Birthday Party Planners Karachi

At EventsChi,

we plan to make your birthday celebrations a more uniting and joyous event.

because our experienced and passionate team has delivered happiness to countless birthday celebrations and is anxious to bring you the same.

So, get ready for a smooth and memorable birthday celebration with EventsChi.

Whatever because birthday party you are organizing, and whatever budget you are working with – we have the expertise & creative skills to create your dream event.

  • Over 20 years of creative event expertise,
  • Unrivaled list of quality birthday party services and,
  • Your dedicated birthday party planner.

Our EventsChi team of professional event managers will work with you to provide every aspect of your birthday party.


  • We plan birthdays for any age,
  • We give you a free, no-obligation itemized cost proposal,
  • All our work is covered by our guarantees & insurance and,
  • Order with absolute confidence.

And for more information on how our party planning service works, you can contact us.

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Corporate Event Management Companies

Corporate Event Management Companies

Corporate Event Management Companies

“We Provide renowned sincere and highly recommend Corporate Event Management Companies or planners and events planners services, specializing in Karachi, families being attached to us locally or internationally, So feel free to work with us”.

This Event Company offers a complete wide range of corporate event management or planning services.

Our, hire employees at conferences, or reward teams for achieving goals.

As a leading Karachi corporate production agency,

We can organize corporate awards evenings and conferences that will have people talking about them for years to come.

We have been arranging corporate entertainment and corporate functions for clients in Karachi and all over Pakistan for more than a decade.

So, If you are planning for a luxury dinner, corporate parties, exhibition, or huge seminar,

We have a proper team that can manage your corporate events with fantastic ideas that will give your event that extra glamour to make your corporate event memorable for everyone.

How We Perform Corporate Event Management Companies

Any type of event services you need and no matter how much or how little you require, our full-service corporate event management will ensure that everything runs smoothly.


We help you reach your company event goals,

reduce your workload, and create an unforgettable experience, every time with EventsChi.


With more than many trade shows and exhibitions and over many national and international events of all sizes yearly. Above all, EventsChi is regarded as one of Karachi’s most respected and responsible event management companies.

Corporate Event Management Companies


Similarly, With the asset of knowledge and profound leadership, our creative event management team is always willing to help you solve your next events challenge.

Get Our Services For Corporate Event.

In today’s digital world, our clients demand paperless events, event apps with meaning, and an online registration website system. Event technology is at the forefront of every conversation we have with brands when we discuss their live event aspirations.

Corporate Event Management Companies 01

After that, Our event management team will integrate greatly with your own and become a vital

extension and support. Our in house event production team will manage all things technical solutions.

We love designing, organizing, and running Company event Days! We have experience of arranging events from 100 to 6000 people, We can start with a blank canvas and organize the base, catering, entertainment, and staff, then manage the event from start to finish.

However, We love the challenge of an exciting brief.

If you’re looking for a venue or unique event place in Karachi, we have relationships with many top-rated hotels and can negotiate great rates on your behalf. Our EventsChi event management team can make recommendations for suitable activities at each one due to the many years of experience we have working with these gorgeous venues.

We provide complete event decoration and event management services. Food catering, stage decoration, sound service, catering are all included in our services.

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wedding planners karachi

Wedding Planners Karachi

Wedding Planners Karachi

Every event requires a unique and custom design to planning, and execution, which can become quite stressful. So, that can be said about hiring a Wedding Planners Karachi, capable &   thematic styled tablescapes engineered down to the last dessert spoon The EventsChi will be there every step of the way ensuring you that event is exactly the way you want it to be, most importantly stress-free!

Wedding Planners Karachi

Getting married to someone you love, is probably the best thing to happen in someone’s life. It’s the beautiful chaos we live for. When the bride and the groom finally decide to get married, the people on their side go spiraling thinking about the arrangements that have to be made for that.

Can you imagine that planning a wedding takes months? This is the truth. A girl imagines her wedding day right from her childhood, wouldn’t something like that take months to plan? Obviously. All the close relatives are in alert mode through those months before the wedding, and everyone is running around doing something or the other.
This is the beauty of a wedding. So you hire us and feel free for everything we will organize all the management.

We’ll be your trusted confidants from the get-go, drawing out the aspects that are special to you, designing and planning your wedding from the ground up so that it’s unique to you. This service is very, quite frankly, the best way to guarantee both a stress-free planning experience, with all this possible with EventsChi.

Thematic Wedding Planners Karachi

The grand wedding is the trend these days, in most countries. It’s especially a part of the major wedding trends in Pakistan. Planning this grand wedding isn’t easy especially if you want something like a destination wedding. Then going through a list of destination wedding planners is a must for you.

Wedding Planners Karachi

If you have imagined your wedding to be somewhere warm and sandy like a farmhouse or seaside with a guaranteed beautiful sunset, Beach Wedding is the answer to all your dreams. But how can you know beach weddings are perfect for you. It’s simple! If you like day ceremonies, a private affair, simple decoration, and a budgeted wedding: then the beach wedding is perfect for you. Beach weddings are surreal.

Hire Us Today For Your Wedding Event.

Getting deals done through a wedding planner is also because they know their work and to work around tough people. You can relax while the wedding planner takes all the headache.

Revel in the possibilities, not the practicalities. And we’ll do what we say and delight in the challenge of how to make your ideas happen.

Wedding Planners Karachi

You’ll be updated on everything, with regular meetings, notes, and support. Just some of the details you won’t have to worry about that: apportioning your budget, managing schedules, creating and delivering a design concept, sourcing the perfect working, making sure that everything flows effortlessly on the day itself.

This is the beauty of a wedding. Sometimes, while being into duties so much, we forgot to enjoy that beautiful period. That can happen by simply handing over everything to a wedding planner.

We provide complete wedding decor and event management services. Food catering, stage decoration, tent service, catering are all included in our services.

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Event Planner Karachi

Event Planners Karachi

Event Planners Karachi

Welcome to EventsChi, which is one of the best and leading Event Management Company or Event Planners in Karachi.

      “We are offering a complete solution for your Event Decoration, Designing, and Catering Services or another type of services, which like Family gatherings, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Get Together, Family Events, Corporate Programs, Fun Gala Nights, Company Conferences, Carnivals and, Workshops or Seminars so on any different type of event arrangement you want” ‘EventsChi are ranked as one of the greatest Event Planners & Management firm,

Event Planners Karachi

‘EventsChi is based in Karachi,

In conclusion,

We are one of the top best Because we are well known for managing a successful event for you’.

We pride ourselves on putting on the bespoke event around Pakistan.

But above all, we serve you the highest standards, We are not compromise with our standards.

We have also established strong relationships with the best suppliers to the Event Management Companies in Karachi,

and more specifically the wedding industry.

Thematic Event Planners Karachi

The thematic event will pump your event up and

This is not about great photography, neither about being in the new highlights or receiving maximums wows from the guests attending the event.

This for our special clients or persons,

At the wedding,

this is the day and this has to be the day that a couple will remember for the rest of their whole life. Traditional or modern, in any way a couple chooses to celebrate their big day, EventsChi believes in their fantasies and makes them closer to possibilities.

Event Planners Karachi

We Provide renowned sincere and highly recommend wedding planners and events planners services, specializing in Karachi, families being attached to us locally or internationally.

In our many years of an expedition of event planning,

EventsChi has managed to bring together wedding ceremonies so magnificent,

it hat those moments still bring smiles to our client couples and their families,

And this is how Pakistani weddings or events became EventsChi forth.

Hire Us Today For Your Event Management.

EventsChi is one of the few event wedding planners of Pakistan, offering a variety of wedding event themes.

For traditional thematic events like Mehndi, or Barat and Valima, we serve you great & unique ideas and high team spirits in Karachi.

Event Planners Karachi

Decorations create an environment and EventsChi specializes in setup designing.

Working with the most stylish and artistic set designers of Karachi, we work to create a unique design that turns the pleasant mode on for every guest attending the wedding.

But, why Pakistani wedding is incomplete without a is Good Food and management?

EventsChi offers the opportunity of selecting from the variety of food menus,

brewed below the direction of the most skilled and famous chefs of Karachi.


Covering for your every important event with your love once and activity for the well suspicious gathering with your families,

EventsChi will have the answer to your every quest, from venue to menu.

So, we’ll make sure that your event will be the most enjoyable and cheery one you have been in and stay with you for,

the rest of your life! Call us today,

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